Digital Development Strategy of the Municipality of Ljubljana

Every period is marked by certain technology, and the era we live in is characterized by digitalization, which also affects cities. That is why the City of Ljubljana has decided to prepare a Digital Development Strategy. This strategy will help us direct the process of digitalization in a way that primarily benefits residents of the city.

Digital Development Strategic Goals

The Digital Development Strategy of the City of Ljubljana includes five strategic goals. These strategic goals represent the key pillars of the strategy and are broken down into specific strategic objectives and measures. The strategic goals of the digital development of the Municipality of Ljubljana are as follows:

Strategic Goal 1: Digital City and Community

Successful digital development has to involve other institutions and, above all, people - those who reside and/or work in the city. A city can only be as digital as its community of residents.

Strategic Goal 2: Digital City Administration and the Extended MOL Family

Special attention should be given to further improvement of the digital competencies of employees within the extended MOL family, as well as to utilizing digitalization to achieve the goals of other sectoral strategies of MOL more efficiently.

Strategic Goal 3: Digital Tools for City Management

Digital tools enable cities to perform urban services more efficiently and simplify their use for residents. In the MOL, we are going to establish an Urban Digital Platform (UDP).

Strategic Goal 4: Data Management

Data management in the city is becoming increasingly demanding due to digitalization and the growing number of automated processes. At the MOL we approach data management responsibly and comprehensively.

Strategic Goal 5: Digital Development Economy

An important aspect of digital development is the digital economy. The MOL will strive to promote job creation in Ljubljana. Emphasis will also be placed on greater efficiency and rationality in the procurement of hardware and software.

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About the Strategy

The process of shaping this strategy has been going on for eighteen months, involving participation of residents, city administration, experts and political decision-makers. The collaboration included individual and group interviews, surveys, workshops and online discussions with the public.

The vision of digital development of the City of Ljubljana will further promote Ljubljana as a pleasant and green city for everyday life. Human-centered development, supported by modern digital solutions, will address the real challenges faced by the city’s residents, enhance the existing urban services, and assist city managers in faster responding to risks.

The Digital Development Strategy is based on the values and principles reflected in the Vision of Ljubljana 2025. Ljubljana needs to remain a city tailored to its residents, a green and a healthy city that promotes fair economic progress, provides (digital) security to its residents, and operates transparently.